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    Why Devops??

    The DevOps training program gives you an in-depth understanding of various DevOps tools. This DevOps training allows you to become a personalization expert for all DevOps concepts from the very beginning. DevOps is known as an effective tool for providing services. This is considered a good practice in terms of improving the quality and efficiency of IT/operations. DevOps is the fastest growing field nowadays. Azure Training is one of the best devops
    training institute in Bangalore. DevOps course, is a set of processes Integrate software development through development
    and operation.

    Best Devops Training Institute in Bangalore

    Cloud Computing | Azure| AWS | Best Devops Training institute in Bangalore.

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    Join Devops training in Bangalore, Learn from Real Time Industry Experts

    Enroll for DevOps training at Azure Training institute which is one of the best devops training institute in Bangalore for best certification, job assistance and  guidance with excellent and supportive and real time expert trainer with 5+ years of experience in this industry.  Enroll for Demo classes according to your convince and get to know more about our training process.

    Devops Course Content

    • Devops Basics
    • A Devops Culture
    • Devops Blocks
    • Automation of Infrastructure
    • Continous Delivery
    • Reliability
    • Future of Devops
    • Introduction
    • Public Cloud AWS
    • Provisioning, Deployment and Orchestration
    • Introduction to Docker
    • Using docker and Building Docker Images
    • Orchestration usind Docker
    • Achieving high availability of non-relational data with Simple DB
    • Effortlessly implement a relational database with Relational Database Service (RDS) Creating cost-effective distributed solutions:
    • Leveraging Cloud Front for high-performance edge cache content delivery
    • Introduction and Fundamentals
    • Vagrant
    • Complete Lamp Stack
    • Receipe to Cookbooks
    • Full Scale using Chef
    • Introduction
    • Setting Up Environment
    • Managing Nodes and Modules


    • Containernization with kubernetes
    • Kubernetes Architecture
    • Making it Production Ready
    • Concepts and Introduction
    • Building a Pipeline using jenkins
    • Concepts and Introduction
    • Subversion, TFS and GIT
    • Lean and Agile Introduction
    • Three Cycles
    • Introduction to DevSecops

    Why Choose Devops as a Career Path?

    The reason why DevOps is so popular is that it allows you to create products faster than traditional methods. Most DevOps involves understanding the product development life cycle. It also helps build better software and achieve faster and more reliable implementation. The team here refers to the development team and the IT operations team. It’s not just collaboration between two teams to deliver better software, but the integrity between development and operations teams leads to faster delivery of better software.